Kone­paja Area

Vallila of Helsinki, former outskirt, nowadays a center of urban life invites you to experience the city in a whole new way. Vallilan Konepaja, once an industrial neighborhood, is now a focal point for trendy and modern restaurants and bars. Right in the heart of this dynamic area is The Folks Hotel Konepaja.

History of Konepaja

Pasilan Konepaja is about 3 kilometers from the city center of Helsinki, in a valley between Alppiharju and Vallila. The borders of this area of 16 hectares are formed by Teollisuuskatu, Savonkatu, Aleksis Kiven katu and Sturenkatu.

The decision to situate the new Fredriksbergs (Pasilan) Konepaja outside the city, next to Sörnäinen harbor railways was made in 1898. The construction work began in 1899 and the actual Konepaja (translates as an engineering shop) started operating in 1903. A major part of the operations from the Konepaja of Helsinki city center was transferred to new spaces. The production of locomotives stayed at the old Konepaja, for which reason a curved locomotive depot, typical to depots, was not built.

Pasilan Konepaja became the largest of all VR’s, (Valtion Rautatiet ie Finnish National Railways) machine shops. In 1971 there were more than 900 employees. The mass production started between the wars, and in 1938 there were already over 1100 employees. From the end of the 1950s until the early 1960s Pasilan Konepaja was the largest engineering shop ever in the area, having more than 1500 employees.
Nation-wise Pasilan Konepaja is a remarkable industrial and cultural area. The distinctive industrial architecture style by Bruno F. Granholm forms a uniquely cohesive and large milieu in Pasila. 

Pasilan Konepaja by VR was in the operational mode for about 100 years. When the decision to build it was made, in 1898, its location by the Sörnäinen railway was basically in the outskirts of the city. Nowadays Konepaja is an essential part of the quickly changing and intensifying downtown of Helsinki, wherein industrial, harbor, and institutional areas are systematically being changed into the use of urbanization, business and culture. 

The decision to shut down Pasilan Konepaja was made in 1992 and it was last seen in full function in late 2002, early 2003. There used to be Pasila Konepaja’s office, diner, and a school in the current buildings of The Folks Hotel Konepaja.

To find out more about the history of Pasilan Konepaja see the links below (only in Finnish).  

The Folks Hotel Konepaja

Aleksis kiven katu 23

Welcome to The Folks Hotel Konepaja! To make your stay unforgettable we want to share our favourite spots of urban Helsinki with you. It's all in this little map. Explore & enjoy

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Albina & Alexis

Aleksis Kiven katu 23

A mix of classic European traditions, uncompromising Nordicness and the roughness of big cities. Come share the love for good food and wine at the hotel restaurant Albina and rooftop bar Alexis, right at the hotel ground floor.

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Corona Bar & Billiard

Traverssikuja 3

A bohemian bar with a true cult status. This bar was founded by the famous Kaurismäki brothers. Don't ring a bell? Google them!

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Billebeino Padel

Traverssikuja 3

Billebeino Padel is a state of the art padel center with an urban vibe. It is founded by former NHL-player and Stanley Cup finalist Ville Leino who's also the founder of the lifestyle brand Billebeino

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Aleksis Kiven katu 17

Live music venue located in The Train Factory in Vallila.

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Alice Italian

Konepajankuja 1

This the place to have your breakfast, brunch, dinner and lunch the Italian way in the heart of Konepaja area. Come say ciao!

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Konepaja Biergarten

Bruno Granholmin kuja

A beer garden focusing on local and European craft beers. Grab a bite with your beer from the food trucks surrounding the garden. A real summer treat.

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Työpajankatu 2 R1, C

A tiny but cozy BBQ-restaurant located in the Teurastamo area.

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Distillery Bar

Työpajankatu 2a R3

A showroom of the Helsinki Distilling Company, exciting cocktail bar and restaurant. Smooth drinks made from spirits distilled in-house.

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Moko Market Teurastamo

Työpajankatu 2 A

For the love of good food & cozy atmoshpere.

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Kohta Art Hall

Työpajankatu 2 B

International nuances of modern art.

teurastamo.com/locations/kohta/ Navigate here!

Teurastamo Backyard: Grill & Hammocks

Työpajankatu 2

Teurastamo backyard is the shared living room and backyard of the residents of Helsinki, It serves as a venue for free of charge events with a
red brick grill for all year round visitor use. Add some hammocks in the picture during summer months and you have an oasis of happiness and good vibes.

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The Bull & the Firm

Kulmavuorenkatu 2, 00500 Helsinki

A cozy bar with food, cocktails and natural wines. Menu is inspired by different seasons and local ingredients.

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Fleminginkatu 11, 00500 Helsinki

A unique selection of natural wines and fine dining quality bistro foods. The name Wino comes from a combination of the words wine and vino. Vino means oblique in Finnish. Just as a heads up!

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Harju 8

Harjutori 8, 00500 Helsinki

An atmoshperic bistro that serves unpretentious food and natural wines.

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Via Tribunali

Hämeentie 33

Authentic Neapolitan pizzeria in the heart of Kallio. The secret of their famous fluffy dough is "the kiss" it gets from the Italian hand made oven it is baked in. Yum!

viatribunali.fi Navigate here!


Fleminginkatu 15, 00500 Helsinki

Cozy restaurant in the heart of Kallio with a Finnish menu taking you back to the 70's and 80's.

facebook.com/RavintolaCella/ Navigate here!


Hämeentie 11, 00530 Helsinki

How would a beetroot latte and oven baked porridge for breakfast sound like? Tanner is a combination of a hip café, restaurant, hi-fi music bar and records.

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Dönner Harju

Fleminginkatu 23, 00500 Helsinki

Probably the best kebab in Finland also for vegans.

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Kolmas linja 16, 00530 Helsinki

Sushi with a fresh and sympathic touch. A true hidden gem in Kallio. And we really mean hidden: no website for this gem, you have to check it out yourself!

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Fleminginkatu 7, 00530 Helsinki

Skiffers "Liuska" gourmet pizzas are to die for, they knock traditional pizzas off the plate. Friendly dogs are also welcome here :)

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Restaurant Villd

Helsinginkatu 21, 00101 Helsinki

A freshly opened wild food concept restaurant. Their weekly changing five course vegan menu consists mostly of wild ingredients gathered from the nature.

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Merikerho Club & Terrace

Sörnäisten Rantapromenadi

Merikerho club & terrace is built on a former cargo ship named Sophia B. The old seafarer now serves as a
venue for music and urban culture. Sea view!

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Helsinginkatu 11, 00500 Helsinki

18 taps with a daily rotating selection of the newest beers from Finland and abroad. Need we say more?

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Hämeentie 13 B, 00530 Helsinki

Vegetarian restaurant Onda by day, bar Siltanen by night. A variety of clubs almost every night of the week.

siltanen.org Navigate here!

Kuudes linja

Hämeentie 13 B, 00530 Helsinki

Hip concert venue with a programme of local & international bands, plus a bar & restaurant.

kuudeslinja.com Navigate here!


Kaikukuja 4

Late-night dance club featuring DJ's playing techno & house music in an old factory building.

clubkaiku.fi Navigate here!


Pälkäneentie 13

Go totally bonkers on a summer Sunday. An urban club where Helsinki meets Berlin. Live techno & house music.

facebook.com/aaniwalli Navigate here!

Ravintola Iltakoulu

Vaasankatu 5

An authentic "corner pub" in Kallio. Nothing fancy, more like straight to the point. Everyone knows where it is so no need for a website either. In case you were wondering.

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Office Bar

Vilhovuorenkatu 7

Small but great hangout with quality wines, beers and good coffee. Nice terrace too.

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Oluthuone Konepaja

Konepajankuja 1

Quality beer house with a wide selection of beers & drinks, also the non-alcoholic type, and tasty snacks.

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Way Bakery & Wine Bar

Agricolankatu 9

All-in-one: bakery, lunch & wine bar. Also a kiosk during summer. One of the coolest new-ish establishments in Kallio.

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Gastro Cafe Kallio

Fleminginkatu 7

A restaurant-kitchen-microbakery in the heart of Kallio. Life is short: eat and drink only good!

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Kahvila Sävy

Aleksis kiven katu 12

Good coffee doesn't just happen by accident. Freshly roasted & ground coffee, only from the best ingredients.

savy.coffee/ Navigate here!

Good Life Cafe

Kolmas linja 17

Avoid bad life. Enjoy a cup of good coffee with a tasty bite from local bakeries.

goodlifecoffee.fi Navigate here!


Porvoonkatu 14

All day breakfast, coffee & sparkling wine. (Our secret diet for years already.)

hugconcept.fi Navigate here!

Flät no. 14

Viides linja 14

Your second living room in the heart of Kallio.

flathelsinki.fi Navigate here!


Harjutori 2

A Spanish style café & deli with vaunted service.

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Frida Marina

Kaarlenkatu 10, 00530 Helsinki

A mixture of a vintage boutique, self-service flea market, café and small interior shop. Clothing styles revolve around the 60's, 70's and 80's vibes.

facebook.com/fridamarinahelsinki Navigate here!

Ansa Second Hand

Agricolankatu 5

Curated vintage items and your go to place if you're looking for neat, formal clothing.. Ansa is one of the classic and original vintage stores in Helsinki

facebook.com/Ansasecondhand Navigate here!

Soul Vintage

Helsinginkatu 6

A treasure trove of carefully selected vintage clothing, interior design items and furniture. Also art by contemporary designers and artists.

facebook.com/soulvintagehelsinki Navigate here!

Fargo Vintage

Fleminginkatu 20

Vintage based design shop specialized in Finnish design and designers like Ilmari Tapiovaara and Alvar Aalto. Fargo flagship store is in Kallio but they also have a webshop and sell on facebook.

fargoshop.fi Navigate here!

Wanha Kaarle

Kaarlenkatu 12

Store of retro & vintage collectable items.

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Itä-pasila Street Art District

Ratamestarinkatu 2, 00520 Helsinki

See the formerly dull central places and hidden corners of East Pasila walls, staircases, railings and bridges turn into colourful sights by the numerous art pieces made by domestic and foreign street artists. Significatn street art area even on an international scale!

helsinkiurbanart.com Navigate here!

Riviera Cinema

Harjukatu 2, Helsinki

Hollywood action chased down with a beer. Atleast a glass of red wine and some arthouse. Lifely drama with dry enough white wine. And extremely comfortable chairs. That's Riviera.

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Kallio Church

Itäinen papinkatu 2

The Kallio Church tower has risen to be an icon of the Kallio district. Built in 1912 the church represents National Romanticism with Art Noveau inlfuences. It is a Lutheran church.

helsinginseurakunnat.fi/en/index.html.stx Navigate here!

Float Kallio

Itäinen Brahenkatu 13

Experience deep mental and physical relaxation at Float Kallio. In their sensory deprived zero gravity floating pool you are totally free of distractions. Sounds heavenly!

wefloat.fi Navigate here!

Surf House Helsinki

Mall of tripla

Every day is a summer day in this indoor surf paradise! Grab your swimwear, enjoy the waves of the Flowrider and don't forget to hydrate at the beach restaurant.

surfhousehelsinki.com Navigate here!

Bakery Avikainen

Franzeninkatu 10

A family run, small but absolutely charming bakery. This the place to indulge authentic and freshly baked Finnish breads and pastries like munkki, Iihapiirakka, ruisleipä and karjalanpiirakka.

facebook.com/pages/Leipomo-KE-Avikainen/ Navigate here!

Aikuisten Lelukauppa

Viides linja 7

The world-famous adults toy store in Helsinki. A treat espacially for all adventurous HIM fans with a selection of Heartagram love cuffs and HIM leather whips. Ville Valo approved.

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Hakaniemenranta 17

An ecological design public sauna in the shadow on sculptural Merihaka district. Designed by architect Tuomas Toivonen and Nene Tsuboi.

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Kotiharjun sauna

Harjutorinkatu 1

The only wood heated neighborhood sauna left in Helsinki. This traditional sauna has offered good "lölylyjä" for sauna lovers from near and far ever since 1928.

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Hakaniemi Market Hall

Hämeentie 1 A

This 100-years-old genuine Finnish market hall is currently under renovation. Right next to it stands a new glass hall as a temporary home for the Hakaniemi market hall vendors. You can find fresh seasonal food, handicrafts, souvenirs and cafes underneath the beautiful glass ceiling.

hakaniemenkauppahalli.fi Navigate here!

Hakaniemi Market Square

Hämeentie 1

The cobblestoned market square in Hakaniemi is arguably the sunniest and most urbane place in Helsinki where you can enjoy morning porridge and coffees. The stalls sell a wide range of seasonal products while street musicians perfrom and entertain passers-by.

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Ferry to Korkeasaari Zoo

Hakaniemenranta 6

The Korkeasaari Zoo is an island located only a short distance from the Helsinki city center. You can visit the cute animals of the zoo easily by taking a ferry straight from Hakaniemi.

korkeasaari.fi/en/ Navigate here!

Linnanmäki Fun Park

Tivolikuja 1

Ready for fun? Enldess excitement for the whole family. Make sure to experience the parks most popular ride, the old wooden rollercoaster "Vuoristorata" built in 1951.

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Sea Life

Tivolitie 10

Nothing fishy going on here, just an aquarium and a magical underwater world to explore.

sealife.fi Navigate here!

Helsinki Messukeskus

Messuaukio 1

The Helsinki Exhibition Center is a large and versatile event venue.

messukeskus.com Navigate here!

Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Paavo Nurmen tie 1

Most important venue for major events in Finland and a meeting point for sports, culture, entertainment and tourism.

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